Take your exchange
Past 180 Days

A new flexible exchange solution which positions your transaction for success. Imagine your clients having the ability to extend their construction exchange long past 180 days? It is now possible.

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From Safe Harbor to
Non Safe Harbor

Our flexible approach builds in contingencies into your strategy from the beginning, so you always know what to expect and have a plan for every variable.

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This Flexible Approach
Changes Everything

Imagine being able to remove the fear and uncertainty surrounding a transaction and being able to concentrate on getting your project completed without the additional pressure from arbitrary time limits?

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1031 Strategies

We research and develop tax deferred exchange solutions for reverse and complex exchange transactions for Exchangers from coast to coast.

1031 Optimization

While there can be many approaches to a given exchange scenario, it is best when the solution ensures the optimal result for the Exchanger.

1031 Execution

The processes we utilize to accommodate and facilitate the needs of our clients have been developed with the assistance of leading legal minds.

State of the Art Strategies 80%

Optimized Approaches 70%

Executional Excellence 100%

«The Flexible Concept»

Exchange Strategies Corp. was the first to develop this unique non safe harbor and build to suit strategy based upon the recent Bartell decision. The ability to go past 180 days to complete your improvements will likely change the way almost all larger construction exchanges will be transacted in the future.

Strategic Assessment

The first step in organizing the appropriate tax deferral strategy is to identify the ultimate goals and requirements of the Exchanger. From there we engineer the appropriate solution.

Creating the Optimal Approach

For any given exchanging scenario, there are several possible solutions. However, we will work with the various alternatives until we have tested and confirmed an optimal approach.

Execution and Compliance

We lead the industry in developing state of the art processes and creating solutions which are not only strategically advantageous, but also compliant within the context of the Exchanger's tax deferral needs.

About ExStra's

Flexible Reverse BTS Solution

The recent Bartell case may very well serve to change the way most complex, build to suit exchanges will be completed in the future. And while the solution itself is best suited to larger transactions, the opportunity created by the result of the Bartell decision is hard to over-estimate.

— Stan Freeman, President - Exchange Strategies Corp.

The Flexible Approach

A Pre-packaged solution which provides Exchanger flexibility, integrates choice, and successfully solves logistical issues to give peace of mind.

Standard Safe Harbor

With White Knight Availability

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Exstensible to Non Safe Harbor

With Fixed Option

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Non Safe Harbor

18 - 24 Months

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Advanced Strategies

Achieving Your Goals

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The Flexible Reverse Approach

The team behind the program

This flexible strategy was developed over a period of years of creating advanced reverse and complex exchange solutions for clients.

Stan Freeman, ExStra President
Stan conceived of this flexible strategy with David Schectman based upon the recent Bartell decision.


David Schectman, Esq. - Of Counsel
One of America's leading tax strategists, David regularly assists Exchange Strategies clients to acheive their goals.


It is easy to get started

Just three steps


Set up a Conference Call

Let us hear about your transactional goals to determine your suitability for a Flexible Reverse solution.


Diligence / Info Gathering

We will aggregate all the information, necessary paperwork and legal structure to launch your solution.


Then We Execute It

We start the exchange and consistently communicate with you regarding our progress every step of the way.

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We're always interested in hearing from you are discussing your particular exchanging scenario.

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